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Distillers, Moisture Analyzers, Sulfur Dioxide, Surface Tension, Granulometry

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Instruments and equipment for analysis laboratories

Gibertini Elettronica has been producing analysis instruments for chemical, oenological and pharmaceutical laboratories for over 50 years; provides assistance from sales, training, maintenance, with qualified technical personnel for: Distillers, Densimeters, Moisture Analyzers, Sulfur dioxide, Surface tension, Granulometry, guaranteeing laboratories equipment compliant with official specific methods.

All Gibertini analysis instruments are manufactured according to the "Made in Italy" high quality standards

Gibertini analysis tools

Distillers, Moisture Analyzers, Sulfur Dioxide, Surface Tension, Granulometry


SDEE Digital distillers for wines, spirits and beers, for alcoholic strength by volume and volatile acidity determination.


Hydroalcoholic Solutions

Certified hydroalcoholic solutions allow the control and calibration of all the instruments that determine the alcohol content.

RMP accreditation for the production of reference materials according to UNI CEI EN ISO 17034. The activity of a producer of reference materials consists in the production of materials, including certified ones, to be used for the calibration of measuring instruments or as reference standards for the performance of interlaboratory evaluation tests (PT / ILC).

  • Hydroalcoholic solutions from 5 to 60% vol
  • Supplied with calibration certificate according to ISO 17034
  • Contents: distilled water / ethanol
  • Ready to use
  • 200ml pack
Reference Materials Production RMP 094

Speed & Safety

Research, Development and Production for over 50 years have been carried out in the headquarters located in Novate Milanese, Milano - ITALY. Here we produce all scales and analysis tools.

Pre- and post-assembly monitoring and control optimize production, guaranteeing speed in deliveries and product safety.

Safety Data Sheets


Gibertini was included in the REGISTER OF HIGHLY QUALIFIED PUBLIC AND PRIVATE EXTERNAL RESEARCH LABORATORIES to which small and medium-sized enterprises that intend to benefit from the State contribution for carrying out research of an applicative nature can turn a non-repayable contribution equal to 50% of the invoice amount.


Gibertini is able to carry out practical tests on customer samples to define the method or the results.

Moisture Analyzer

The CRYSTALTHERM moisture analyzer is a system based on the measurement of the percentage of humidity on the weight difference with the loss on drying principle. The moisture content is precisely determined through a process of heating and constant control of the variations of the weight of the sample:

Practical tests for the determination of the dry residue and the percentage of humidity on:

  • samples of chemicals
  • flours
  • sugars
  • food products
  • biological sludge, etc.

Tensiometer mod. DCA

The digital tensiometer determine the static measurement of the surface tension of liquids using the Wilhelmy plate or Du Noüy ring method, combining precision, ease of use and robustness. The DCA tensiometer consists of a precision balance and a fast and accurate sample management system.

Measurement of the surface and interfacial tension of liquids on:

  • surfactants
  • food products
  • synthetic fibers
  • inks, paints, sprays

Distiller mod. Super Dee

Automatic distiller with electrode system for the distillation process and with steam current for the determination of acidity. Distillation of:

  • Spirits
  • Musts
  • Wines
  • Pomace
  • Beers
  • Perfumes
  • Sweets, creams

Hydrostatic scale mod. MIA

MIA2020 is the system for the determination of the alcoholic strength by volume according to the OIV-MA-BS, for the dry extract and the evaluation of musts in Brix, Baumé, Oechsle, Babo, Plato degrees. The MIA2020 system is based on the Gibertini hydrostatic balance for the determination of the alcohol content TAV with a resolution of 0.005% Vol.

For the determination of the alcohol content, volatile acidity and SO2 on:

  • spirits, wines
  • milk, juices, food liquids
  • petroleum products
  • colors, paints, galvanic baths
  • pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.
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Gibertini is the distributor for Italy of SELECTA, historical Spanish company of basic instrumentation, guaranteeing technical service, installation and warranty. The general catalog can be downloaded from the website

Official site J.P. SELECTA

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Analysis Instrument

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