Semi-Micro Scales

E50S / 3 series from 0.01mg to 0.1mg and maximum capacity 100g to 225g

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High Performance for the Smallest Sample

Gibertini E50S / 3 semi-micro scale guarantee high precision to laboratories that perform detailed tests thanks to the highly precise and fast stabilization magnetic compensation cell. Ideal for high-precision measurements to make the best use of the materials available in the laboratory, even in difficult environments, of toxic or dangerous substances thanks to the functional large screen with 3 sliding doors to facilitate access to the weighing pan.



The E30S3 Semi-Micro Scale is designed to meet the highest requirements for accuracy in weight measurements, combining speed and repeatability in readings. Reliability and accuracy are guaranteed by the internal calibration system.

A correct weighing in the laboratory is an integral part of the analysis and quality control process and improves the technical quality of the analytical process; the semi micro scale E50S / 3 is essential to ensure that analyzes are performed correctly

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Practices & Intuitive

Equipped with a large LCD display and acid-resistant waterproof membrane keyboard, it is easily programmable for percentage weighing, piece counter function or display different units of measurement (eg. carat)

  • Fully automatic self-calibration, activated by means of a button, with built-in calibration weight
  • Bottom scale weighing ( e.g. density determination )
  • Stable weight indication
  • Bar-Graph for dosage indication
  • Waterproof and acid-resistant membrane keyboard with functions that can be activated from the menu: readings in g (grams), lb (pounds), oz (ounces), ct (carats),% (percentage) and pcs (pieces)

Calibration & Quality

The Semi-Micro Balances Gibertini can be supplied with :

To ensure compliance with the required standards and the reliability of the results of the measurements carried out( GMP, GLP, Ph.Eur ).

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Semi Micro Scales Applications


Where are Semi-Micro Scales used?

Gibertini E50S / 3 series balances are used for the preparation of samples for solutions, for the calibration of pipettes thanks to 5-digit decimals or in other sectors that require precision and high accuracy.

  • Environmental
  • Chemist
  • Medical / Veterinarian
  • Food
  • Mining industry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • University

Their most common application concerns :

  • Measurements on filters
  • Mass comparator
  • Micropipette calibration
  • Chemical Analysis: diagnostic kits
  • Analytical solutions to control both finished products in the food industry and for laboratories
  • Development of analytical kits for the detection of mycotoxins in veterinary drugs and animal feed
  • In the analysis laboratories for the quality control system (CQI)
  • In the pharmaceutical industry to measure microquantities of active ingredients accurately ensuring a correct dosage of the drug
  • Analysis laboratories for the qualitative / quantitative evaluation of toxins in food; for example Aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) in corn and wheat flours or Ochratoxin A (OTA) in salami, Coffee

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E50S/3 - Semi-Micro Scale

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Gibertini semi-micro scales from 0.01mg to 0.1 mg and maximum flow rate 100 g to 225 LCD display...

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