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Wine, Beer, Spirits, ABV, Plato, Brix, sulfur dioxide, tartaric stability

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From production to quality control

Chemical analysis is essential at all stages of the transformation process of a product. THis different analyzes allow you to:

Monitor the fermentation processes

Know or confirm the organoleptic characteristics

Identify problems or alterations

Determine the quality of the final product

vinification checks are carried out from the vineyard to maturation. From maceration to fermentation, from refinement to bottling. Gibertini analysis instruments allow you to carry out quick checks in line with official methods, to monitor and improve production. They are tools designed to be used by any operator as they have been developed over years of close collaborations with Italian companies and wineries.

Solutions for Food & Beverage

Wine, Beer, Spirits, ABV, Plato, Brix, sulfur dioxide, tartaric stability


AUTOMATIC DISTILLER distillate wine, spirits, perfumes or other alcoholic solutions for the determination of the alcoholic strength by volume


High precision electronic densimeter , fully automatic, for the determination of Alcoholic Strength by Volume (ABV), Density, dry extract in wine, beer, spirits, cider, liqueurs, sake

Tartaric stability

The SmartCheckMini analysis tool is an innovative system for checking the tartaric stability of wines with the conductometric method


Multiparametric Oenological Analyzer for the correct control of winemaking processes. For wine and must


Moisture Analyzer

Crystalthermis the Gibertini Infrared termobalance for the analysis of moisture and dry content with a compact design for daily use in the laboratory and cellar. From inbound inspection to production, it is suitable for sugars, additives or organic samples.

Capacity 100 g - 200 g
Reading Accuracy 0.001 g
Reading Accuracy % 0.01 %
Typical reproducibility % 0.02 % ( starting from 10 g )
Temperature Range from 40° to 200°C ( + 1°C)

The by-products of winemaking such as pomace can be enhanced with distillation processes (grappas), reused for the production of compost, for the production of tartaric acid, cream of tartar and dyes, as components of animal feed or for the production of energy.

The marc is composed of skins, stalks and seeds. Testing the moisture content is essential for preventing fungus and for its marketing.

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Analysis of wine and musts

The vinification begins before harvesting the grapes from the vine. Sampling is one of the most important processes for statistical analyzes that outline the maturity curve, used to determine the best harvest period.

After pressing, the must is destined for fermentation. Finally, the wine, as an alcoholic solution, is destined for maturation and conservation, bottling and the consequent final sale.

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For all weighing phases

Analytical and precision balances guarantees high performance in the production process of a winery, or in the production of beer.

  • Precisely weights of the ingredients determines the organoleptic quality of the final product.
  • Monitoring the weight of the filled bottles is an operation that requires reliable and safe instruments. Find out how statistical process control according to law 690 with the SCP-TOUCH system can speed up quality control according to federal lABV.
  • Thanks to the metal body and easily washable, Gibertini scales are used in productions where sugary or sticky substances are weighed.

Approved scales

CE approved scales for the statistical control of prepackaged products, law 690/78 and EEC 76/211 Community legislation

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