CE-M Approved Scales

CE approved scales for the statistical control of prepackaged products, law 690/78 and EEC 76/211 Community legislation

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CE-M Approved Scales

The scales of the LS-C series are CE-M approved for use in transactions with third parties. They are robust, precise, high-performance scales up to 6200g capacity, 0.1g approved reading division and 0.01g reading division for internal use, to check samples of different weights with the same instrument. Used for the statistical control prepackaged according to the law 690/78 .

Package approved scales for statistical control


LS-C series

The CE approved LS-C series scales are robust and built to guarantee high quality standards, which are reliable and durable. Suitable for the statistical control of prepackages, thanks to their resolution, they are the ideal choice for managing the entire production with a single instrument.

Model Capacity Division Linearity Repeatability Response time Pan Classes / "e"
LS6200C 6200 g 0.01 g ± 0.01 g ± 15 mg 200 x 200 mm II / 0,1 g
How to select the right scale according to law 690?

The legislation establishes that the verification division "e" must be less than or equal to 1/10 of the tolerable negative error determined by the nominal value of the product. The table shows the characteristics of the scale based on the nominal weight:

Sample Weight Scale Division "e"
≥ 5g 0.1 g
≥ 10g 0.2 g
≥ 25g 0.5 g
≥ 100g 1 g
≥ 300g 2 g
≥ 1500g 5 g
≥ 3000g 10 g
≥ 6500g 20 g


Combined with the scale, the 8 or 10 inch touch screen display allows the visualization of all the sampling data.

SCP-TOUCH & LS-C represents the best Standard for the control of production batches thanks to the numerous functions integrated in the Software: it manages up to 10000 products and numerous production batches. The dynamic display of weights indicates in real time if the product falls within the production tolerances and the criteria of law 690. Easy and intuitive to use, the graphic interface allows you to view production statistics through graphs: mean, standard deviation and Gaussian .

  • TouchScreen or PC Interface with on-screen instructions for the operator
  • Multi-station management (production lines): Stations (Touch) + Master (PC)
  • Management of destructive and non-destructive controls
  • Management of multiple simultaneous controls up to 99 batches simultaneously (per production line).
  • Product control by weight or volume (ml)
  • Tare management: acquired, preset or calculated; possibility of modification during acquisitions
  • Machine downtime management
  • Operator management and password protection
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Security & Speed

The LS-C series balances combine precision, safety and speed. A single tool allows you to manage the statistical control of several products different in weight and size.

  • Acid resistant LCD display
  • Response time 1,5sec.
  • Magnetic compensation cell practically indestructible and not subject to transport problems
  • Configurable RS232 serial output
  • USB output
  • Protective cover: liquids, powders

CE-M approved scales Applications


Where are approved scales used?

The CE-M approved scales, according to the European Standard EN45501 (EEC Directive 90/384), guarantee greater reliability and performance. According to the NAWI directive it is necessary to use approved scales (with metric manufacturer's mark):

  • in fixed or itinerant commercial transactions
  • nin the manufacture of drugs
  • in pharmacies with a galenic laboratory for prescription packaging
  • in determining the price for sale to the public
  • in the determination of tariffs, taxes, fines or premiums

In which sectors or product categories should they be used ?

  • Food, prepackaged products (by weight)
  • Oenological, prepackaged products (by weight)
  • Production of feed for livestock
  • Paints
  • Production of cleaning products
  • Solvent production
  • Production of yarns
  • Production of Glues and Adhesives
  • Waste
  • Mining, Gemology

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