GSA - Grain Size Analysis - Particle Size Analysis

GSA - GRAIN SIZE ANALYSIS: analytical instrument for soil particle size analysis, IN COMPLIANCE WITH ASTM D422 AND UNI CEN ISO / TS 17892-4 STANDARDS. More advanced than only sieve analysis.

  • Fine detection of the terrain from 0.100 to 0.001 mm
  • Progressive reduction of the density. Measurement of a suspension of soil by sedimentation.
  • Time for complete analysis: 5/6 hours
  • Up to 6 samples of 500 ml at the same time
  • Density range from 0.900 to 1.0500 with 4 decimal place precision
  • Automatic compensation of temperature variation and Stokes's law
  • Repeatability better than 2%
  • Save time and money compared to mere sieve analysis