Gibertini Assistance quickly cover the entire national territory and is always provided in compliance with quality procedures. Gibertini provides assistance on all his instruments , thanks to its network of partners throughout the national and international territory. Compliance with regulations and customized service plans guarantee support that lasts the entire life of the instrument, from choice, installation, preventive maintenance, calibration and repair. Qualified staff are able to provide all brands technical assistance.

Gibertini Elettronica Certifications :

Quality Service

Competence and certified quality guarantee the safety and reliability of the instruments and services.
Since 1957 we have been representing in Italy and all over the wordone of the most prestigious manufacturer of scales and laboratory instruments.

Customer Requirements

Activities Benefits
  • Analysis of your needs
  • Over Fifty-year warranty and experience
  • Select the right Instrument and tools
  • Return on investment (ROI, Industry 4.0, Smart Factory)
  • Development of customized solutions and tools
  • Installation & Compliance

    Activities Benefits
  • Complete customizable packages to ensure the required quality standard: Quality Installation, Compliance with standards
  • Reduced start-up and commissioning costs
  • Regulatory requirements ISO, EN, LAT, GMP, GLP, Ph.Eur
  • Our protocols include: installation qualification (IQ), operational qualification (OQ), performance qualification (PQ), maintenance qualification (MQ)

    Routine activities

    Activities Benefits
  • Constant customer support
  • Better workflow
  • Maintenance overhaul, replacement, repair, updating and restoration(MQ)
  • Controlled costs and competitive prices
  • Calibration services (ISO, LAT)
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Training courses
  • Qualified installation IQ/OQ/PQ/MQ

    The Global Process Validation Standard follows the guidelines of "Good Manufacturing Practices" (GMP). With reference to the validation procedure of the production process, our analytical instruments and our scales comply with the qualification required in 4 phases (IQ, OQ, PQ, MQ).

    The service is carried out at the Customer's company to obtain and maintain compliance with the required regulatory requirements. At the end of the installation and qualification operations, the staff is responsible for training the customer on the use of the instrument and on routine maintenance operations.

    IQ - Installation qualification

    Instrument installation certification

    By applying the "Installation Qualification IQ" Gibertini certifies and documents that the instrument has been received and installed in accordance with the required specifications. The IQ service includes:

    • Installation
    • Documentations
    • Environmental requirements Verification
    • Security check

    OQ - Operation qualification

    Instrument certification using validated procedures and certified standards.

    The "Operation Qualification" (OQ) refers to the correct functioning of the instrument installed in the work environment. The evaluation of the equipment, including the required configuration, must meet the predefined specifications. The OQ service includes:

    • System Check
    • Functional tests
    • Test and parameterization of all settings
    • Calibrations
    • Software Functionality

    PQ - Performance qualification

    Verification of the instrument over time using predefined parameters.

    The "Performance Qualification" (PQ) verifies that the instrument, as part of the production process, complies with the reproducible, constant and appropriate productivity criteria using the predefined performance parameters. The PQ service includes:

    • System check: re-calibration and configuration adjustment
    • Calibration Report ISO o LAT instrument certification according to the customer's needs
    • Personalized training

    MQ - Maintenance Qualification

    Verification of the instrument over time through certified maintenance and assistance.

    The "Maintenance Qualification" (MQ) refers to the operation of the instrument, maintenance and assistance, including the "Service" agreements. The MQ service includes:

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