Gibertini is accredited for the production of reference materials according to UNI CEI EN ISO 17034, for Alcohol-Alcoholic Solutions from 5 to 60% vol.

The activity of a producer of reference materials (CRM) consists in the production of materials, including certified ones, to be used for the calibration of measuring instruments or as reference standards for the performance of interlaboratory evaluation tests (PT / ILC).

The accreditation, issued to RMPs based on ISO 17034 "General requirements for the competence of reference material producers" used all over the world, verifies various aspects of the CRM production process, from the management system to technical skills, compliance with their distribution process. For RMPs, choosing accreditation means obtaining recognition of impartial and independent competence, ensuring regular control of the entire production process, and having their materials recognized on the global market. ( ACCREDIA 02/06/2020)

Certified hydroalcoholic solutions

  • Hydroalcoholic solutions from 5 to 60% vol
  • Supplied with certificate according to ISO 17034
  • Contents: distilled water / ethanol
  • Ready to use
  • 200ml pack
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Why use an accredited hydroalcoholic solution?

The use of certified reference materials (CRM) is spreading more and more, both in the metrology and in the industrial field, and the accreditation helps to increase trust in the market environmental or industrial sector, and in the quality and safety of goods and services used in daily life. For example reference materials used in areas such as food and environmental safety, genetics, diagnostics, etc.

International agreements and global markets

With the signing of the new ILAC MRA Mutual Recognition Agreement by Accredia, the accreditation of reference materials producers (RMP) according to the UNI CEI EN ISO 17034:2017 standard is now internationally recognized.

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