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Gibertini analytical scales from 0.1mg to 1mg and pruned from 110 to 510g.

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High Resolution, Precision and Accuracy

Gibertini laboratory analytical balances are designed to measure mass with a high degree of precision from 0.1mg to 1mg and capacity from 110 to 510g. With a higher sensitivity than Precision balances, they combine accuracy with a higher reading speed.

Gibertini analytical balances offer the best solutions to the most complex and precise weighing activities, from formulation, statistical analysis, density determination, purity analysis to conformity tests thanks to small footprint and high repeatability of readings. certified weights and sample masses are available for all Gibertini analytical balances for correct calibration and calibration.


Resistant & Reliable

All Gibertini analytical balances are equipped with a magnetic compensation cell for high reading accuracy. All metal and chemical resistant body guarantees a long life of the instrument even in harsh environments (dusts, acids)

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Approved for Pharmaceuticals

Gibertini analytical balances offer fast results, thanks to their intuitive display

  • Equipped with internal motorized calibration mass, for rapid and constant calibration of the instrument.
  • Bar-Graph for dosage indication speed up the laboratory's production process.
  • Display of different units of measure and Reading in %

The Crystal series Gibertini analytical balances approved for pharmaceuticals , suitable for galenic preparations (NBP).

Capacity Division Minimum Weight (Ph.Eur 2.1.7)
110 g 0.1 mg 82 mg
210 g 0.1 mg 82 mg
310 g 0.1 mg 82 mg
510 g 1 mg 820 mg
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Calibration & Quality

Designed for food, cosmetic, university and other numerous sectors, all Gibertini Analytical scales can be equipped with:

To ensure compliance with the required standards and the reliability of the results of the measurements carried out( GMP, GLP, Ph.Eur ).

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Analytical Balances Applications


Where are analytical balances used?

Analytical balances are used in a wide variety of laboratory applications. For example for the valuation of goods for commercial purposes; in the health system; for the control of drinking water, food and animal feed; in forensic analysis.

  • Chemist
  • Agribusiness
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Gold
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Forensic
  • Cosmetic
  • University
  • Mining / Gemology

Their most common application concerns:

  • Chemical control of food Analysis
  • Preparation of samples / standards
  • Weighing of the Reagents
  • Totalization
  • Dosage or formulation
  • Density determination (gold)
  • Specific weight determination (mechanical, plastic, chemical)
  • Routine testing of pipettes
  • Energy efficiency of special waste
European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) 2.1.7

The general chapter of the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) 2.1.7 Balances for analytical purposes was published in July 2021. Compliance with this chapter by January 1, 2022 is mandatory for any pharmaceutical company that manufactures or exports to the European market .

Balances for Analytical Purpose aims to ensure the quality control of medicines in European member states. The requirements of the Ph. Eur. Are similar to the General Chapter 41 of the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP).

  • Regulations for the quality control of analytical processes
  • Instrument Calibration: as-found and as-left calibration requirements, measurement uncertainty and minimum weight
  • Evaluation of Accuracy and Repeatability
  • Determine the appropriate calibration intervals
  • Compliance of documentation
Gibertini analytical balances in forensic analysis

Gibertini analytical balances with resolution up to 0.1 mg are an essential part of the equipment of a forensic laboratory. In an analytical process, weighing is the first step in producing results. In legal analysis, the accuracy of the tool is fundamental as a legal verdict depends on the quality and quantity of data collected.

Often the amount of substance collected at the crime scene is minimal. Its weight, detected with the analytical balance, can be what determines whether the sample becomes a test and then subsequently examined in a laboratory.

  • For high accuracy in weighing: small samples of substances such as drugs, narcotics and splinters.
  • To measure the components of reagents: fuels, fuels, accelerators and other substances
  • Density measurement may also be required to verify the composition of a material or to determine if two samples are from the same source
Quality control and formulation in the cosmetic industry

Weight determination in the cosmetic industry is determined. From the qualitative analysis of the ingredients to the formulation to the finished product.

Percentage weighing is often used for quality control in perfume production. After mixing, checking the correct content in the bottle allows you to minimize waste and guarantee the quality of the process. The legal requirement for the production of cosmetics is the statistical control according to the EEC directive 76/211, DPR 26/5/80 n ° 391 of the law 25/10/78 n ° 690, which identifies the process tolerances according to its own production. .

Gibertini is a leading supplier of equipment, industrial weighing solutions, Quality Control, dosing, high precision formulation and production control (law 690)

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