Pipette calibration: What changes with the new ISO 8655-6: 2022?

Gibertini provides the ACCREDIA Accredited calibration service for Pipettes and Mocrodosers According to the new ISO 8655-6:2022

The new ISO 8655-6:2022 standard ( 23 June 2022 ) specifies: - the metrological requirements - the maximum possible error - the information to be provided to users for single-channel or multi-channel pipettes, both air displacement (type A) and with positive displacement (type D), complete with selected tips and any other consumable part, indicated to guarantee the delivered volume.

What changes with the new ISO 8655-6: 2022?

  • The maximum allowed systematic and random errors for small volume pipettes have been significantly revised and strengthened. This can lead to more accurate and precise test results.
  • The calculation methods (general formula, evaporation calculation, use of multiple tips, etc.) and data to be reported on the Calibration Certificate.

By resolution of 21/10/2022 ACCREDIA approved the extension of our accreditation LAT094 for the calibration of pipettes and micropipettes with the new iso 8655-6: 2022 standard (Gibertini was among the first accredited LAT Centers for pipette calibration since from the publication of the previous ISO 8655)

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What does our new Calibration service offer?

With the transition to the new ISO standard and the extension of ACCREDIA LAT094 accreditation, Gibertini has improved its procedures to provide a complete and traceable pipette calibration service.

For the best completeness of data and information and for ease of interpretation, in compliance with the standard, the new pipette calibration certificate will provide :

  • All information and data required by ISO 8655-6: 2022;
  • Deviation of the instrument : for a quick and real usability and knowledge of the functioning of the instrument;
  • Systematic and Random Errors : for a quick comparison with the deviation of the instrument Maximum Permitted Error is calculated according to ISO 8655-2: 2022. We provide the Acceptability Limits for your quality system directly in compliance with the ISO standard;
  • All the measurements performed : the real data returned by the instrument and which affect the calibration result;
  • Declarations of Conformity to ISO 8655:2022 with multiple ways: to provide you with more choice, greater security and less likelihood of risk of false acceptance of non-compliant results. PFA (False Acceptance Probability) at 50% or 2.5%: without uncertainty, or with uncertainty.