Thermostatic bath

Laboratory Thermostat

The stainless steel thermostatic bath is used to heat multiple samples at the same time, usually as an intermediate and necessary step of a larger test. Thermostatic baths are indispensable tools in many laboratories that use them within the most varied procedures. In Oenology it is used to bring wine samples to a constant temperature for analysis (eg Distillation)

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Thermostatic bath

Outside the thermostatic bath is made of athermic and shockproof material, the stainless steel tank is suitable for holding up to 9 bottles. The temperature settings are made via display with adjustment keys. Water baths are ideal tools for any laboratory application, biological, medical or biochemical.

  • Electronic proportional derivative thermoregulation from -10 to + 50 ° C with precision 0.1 ° C
  • Easy temperature setting
  • Useful space of the STAINLESS STEEL BATH 30x35x19 cm
  • Power supply 230V 1600W
  • Dimensions: (L X W X H) 32 x 58 x 83 cm
  • Weight: 39Kg

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