We are pleased to present our accredited calibration service, a point of reference in Italy for innovation and excellence . We stand out as the first in the country to introduce minimum accredited weighing, raising your standard of accuracy.

Excellence in Calibration: the Minimum Accredited Weigh

Increasing requirements for precision and reliability in laboratory data require thorough compliance with regulations and quality management standards . Among these, the ISO 9000 and GMP standards, which underline the importance of regular calibration of inspection, measurement and testing instruments.

This practice is essential to ensure accurate, reliable and traceable measurement results in the long term.

The Gibertini Accredited Service, compliant with ISO 17025, delivery calibration certificates for laboratory scales ensuring total traceability of measuring instruments to national standards, giving a high degree of confidence in the results of measurements and tests.

Why Choose Our Service

Accredited Minimum Weighing - A Revolution in Precision Measurements

The certificate with the ACCREDIA LAT 094 mark shows the results deriving from the tests carried out and from the procedures accredited by ACCREDIA. We provide the Minimum Weighing with 5 safety factors and 7 degrees of accuracy: this means that the Customer, based on his sector, and the specific use of the scale in his process, can therefore choose the minimum weighing value according to Euramet CG-18 and accredited by ACCREDIA.

Certified Accreditation - Quality Guarantee

Our LAT Center is ACCREDIA, ISO 17025 accredited. We subject our tools and procedures to rigorous periodic audits to guarantee traceability, correctness, coherence and conformity to international reference standards.

Team of Specialists - Expertise at Your Service

Behind every measurement there is a team of highly qualified experts, dedicated to providing calibration services suited to your needs. Our expertise and our calibration services are aimed at many sectors, from goldsmithing to food production, from pharmaceutical research to the manufacturing industry, to research and testing laboratories.

Evidence of quality

A calibration certificate issued by our ACCREDIA accredited LAT centre, which guarantees metrological traceability and competence of our laboratory, is not only a guarantee of quality for you but also for your customers, for your inspection bodies and bodies for quality and sector for which you are certified or accredited.

Sectors Served

  • Research and Analysis Laboratories - We offer calibration services that meet the high standards required for research and analysis activities.
  • Test and Calibration Laboratories - Our services are designed to guarantee precise and reproducible results, fundamental for the validity of the tests and of calibrations.
  • Food Sector - From the food supply chain to small businesses, we ensure reliable measurements to guarantee the quality and safety of products.
  • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare - Precision is essential in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector; our accredited calibration service is your answer to compliance and reliability.
  • Manufacturing Industry - From goldsmithing to the manufacturing industry, we help guarantee quality and precision in production processes.

Contact us to Increase Your Accuracy

We are ready to work with you to ensure flawless measurements and reliable results. Contact us today to find out more about how our accredited calibration service can be the key to excellence in your operations.