Accreditation Center LAT N. 094 RMP N. 094

Since 1997 the ACCREDIA LAT calibration Center operates within the Gibertini Elettronica.
In 2017 the Center obtained the extension to certified reference material producer (hydroalcoholic solutions), adding the RMP scheme.
The law 273/91 has created the National Service for Calibration (S.N.T.) thus confirming the National Service primary Metrological Institutes the tasks of:

  • observing the national standards;
  • disseminating the units of measure, of the International System of Unit Measure (SI), thus assuring the indispensable metrological reference for industrial and commercial activities. The dissemination may occur directly by the Institutes or through the accredited Calibration Services in Italy (LAT Center).

LAT centers are therefore laboratories equipped with reference standards (because complying with the national standard) responsible of performing calibration, issuing the relative certificate of calibration. ACCREDIA LAT centers activity is recognized by EA (European co-operation for Accreditation) because ACCREDIA is signatory of multilateral agreements for recognition of calibration certificates.
ACCREDIA LAT center n. 094 issues calibration certificates for electronic balances up to 30 kg and pipettes from 1 ul to 10 ml. ACCREDIA RMP center n. 094 produces certified reference materials (hydroalcoholic solutions from 5 % vol to 60 % vol).
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