Gibertini means excellent quality in its products and the various support servicesmaintenance and certification. The Gibertini assistance rapidly covers the entire Italian territory and is provided by our employees with high respect for our rigid quality procedures. Our services cater to all of our equipment, but also to other brands. We prefer to call the maintenance of the scales “training“: checking up on the scale at least once a year is crucial to make the most of it.


Gibertini : even our assistance is high quality

Gibertini builds, Gibertini replaces, Gibertini repairs, Gibertini certifies. For any type of scale and laboratory instrument, we are capable of providing fast service throughout Italy and the rest of the world thanks to our extensive network of Quality Technical Assistance. Our technicians are our employees. We know how important and reassuring maintenance service is for you, as well as the quality of the assistance, above all.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts whether or not a Gibertini product is right for you. Our technicians are available around the clock to clear up any confusion and to advise the most suitable tool for your needs. PREVENTIVO ONLINE


Gibertini equipment is easy to use even before installation.A great instruction booklet, in Italian and English (other languages ​​on request) will facilitate the installation and start-up of the instrument. Our technical support call center is available to produce further directions.


The instruments must be kept up to date. For this, Gibertini recommends a specific check with our technicians at least once a year. Discover the possibilities of our service agreements.


Scales, micro-dispensers, hydro-alcoholic solutions and a range of other primary instruments aren’t the only areas we are specialized in, but also of our certifications, whatever may be required for your job.

Gibertini means excellent quality in its products and the various support services, maintenance and certification.

Gibertini Assistance rapidly covers Worldwide territory and is provided by our employees with high respect for our rigid quality procedures. Our services cater to all of our equipment, but also to other brands. We prefer to call the maintenance of the scales “training”: checking up on the scale at least once a year is crucial to make the most of it.


Who can contact Gibertini?

Small and medium-sized companies that are interested in assuring experimentation and research in the electronic chemical field in which Gibertini is competent.

Accredia LAT Center n.094






ACCREDIA LAT Center n.094 is accredited for balances, microdosimeters and hydroalcoholic solutions calibration (RMP n. 094). For details consult the accreditation table on

Since 1997 we are LAT accredited for electronic balances characterization, from April 2002 this accreditation has been extended to pipettes and now from July 2004 to our hydroalcoholic standard solutions, subsequently accredited as certified reference material.
The law 273/91 has created the National Service for Calibration (S.N.T.) thus confirming the National Service primary Metrological Institutes the tasks of:

  • observing the national standards;
  • disseminating the units of measure, of the International System of Unit Measure (SI),

thus assuring the indispensable metrological reference for industrial and commercial activities.
The dissemination may occur directly by the Institues or through the accredited Calibration Services in Italy (LAT Center).
LAT centers are therefore laboratories equipped with reference standards (because complying with the national standard) responsible of performing calibration, issuing at the end the relative certificate of calibration.
LAT centers are connected through EA (European Accreditation) to many European and world centers with a mutual agreement.
Gibertini Elettronica is LAT center n. 94 and issues calibration certificates for electronic balances up to 30 Kg, pipettes from 1 ul to 10 ml and hydroalcoholic standard solutions (RMP n. 094).



LEGAL METROLOGY (law 517 – 29th of December 1992)




Directive 2014/31 UE is created to bring about the harmonization of legislations of member states regarding the non automatic weighing instruments (NAWI).
In consideration of the still standing framework of the old italian law that foresees two kind of verifications, current law 517 renders the user responsible, regarding the utilization he intends to do.
Law 517 requires compulsory marking for instruments generally used for commercial transaction, to determine a tax, for the application of law and regulating provisions and application of judicial appraisals.
Therefore it derives that all the balances that are used in the aforesaid determinations, must have the so-called minimum requirements, being submitted to a verification first by the notified pertinent organism, Italian or being part of the EC, or by the manufacturer itself if he works according with the system of warranties of the production quality (certified by the notified organism), and lately by the user by the metric offices for the periodic verification.




We supply masses and set of weights in class E1 – E2 – F1 – F2 – M1 – M2 – M3 with or without legal certificate EAL from Accredia calibration or equivalent EA.




Our laboratory is able to create standard hydroalcoholic solutions for the calibration of our instruments (Hydrostatic balances) or personalized with the percentage of alcohol required by the customer, according to the requirements.




Gibertini is able to make application tests on the samples of the customer to settle the methodics or the results.

Thermobalance mod. Eurotherm
Practical tests for the determination of the dry residue and of the percentage of humidity on:

  • sample of chemical products
  • flours
  • sugars
  • food products in general
  • biological muds, etc.

Tensiometer mod. Tsd
Measurement of the liquid surface tension and interfacial tension on:

  • water-proofing
  • food products
  • synthetic fibres
  • inks, paints, spray

Distilling unit mod. Dee
To get the distillation of the alcoholic strenght by volume, volatile acidity, SO2 on:

  • spirits drinks
  • musts
  • wines
  • marcs
  • beers
  • perfumes
  • sweets (creams, cherries), etc.

Densimeter mod. Densimat + Alcomat
Alcohol degree and density measurements on:

  • distillates, wines
  • milk, fruit juces, other food liquids
  • oil products
  • colours, paints, galvanic baths
  • pharmaceutical and cosmetics products etc.




Gibertini, with D.M. of 23/06/93, has been included by MURST in the EXTERNAL PUBLIC AND PRIVATE RESEARCH LABORATORY HIGHLY QUALIFIED ROLL.




The repairs of balances and electronic instruments are made directly in Gibertini or in specialized centers and trained in our firm, spread in Italy everywhere.
The repair estimates are free of charge. The repairs are made in 15 days.


We propose to the customer a contract of periodic maintenance with calibration report, used to maintain the instruments in perfect working order. The periodic maintenance, which can be semestral or annual according to the customer, consists of a calibration made by our specialized technical personnel by means of direct comparison with sets of weights and certificated weights, cleaning operations and general control.