Material safety data sheet

In this space you can find all the safety and information sheets relating to the products marketed by Gibertini Elettronica Srl

MSDS 07 00 148 hydroalcoholic solution 15_60

MSDS 07 00 095 tartaric acid

MSDS 07 00 033 calcium oxide 12%

Information sheet 07 00 096 solution for liqueurs

Information sheet 07 00 034 Defoamer






Christmas time

Gibertini Company is closing for Christmas Holidays from Dec 23rd 2017 to  Jan 2nd 2018.

Our Distillators too are going to dress up and celebrate this special moment of relax to recharge for a Wonderful New Year.



            up your

          Christmas !

Enjoy this Christmas

            with us  and  let  this incoming

             year be the best and most joyful


The Austrian Wine Center tested our instruments for oenology

The Austrian Wine Center in Klosterneuburg (close to Wien)  , purchased our distilling unit model SUPERDEE and tested both instruments from Gibertini, SUPERDEE and SUPERALCOMAT.

The SUPER DEE (Digital distilling unit mod. Super Dee) device developed from the Italian Company Gibertini is being tested. With the new SUPER DEE device the time requirement for an alcohol and volatile acidity analysis can be drastically reduced compared to the accredit OIV-norm analysis method by destillation. Additionally there is also a hydrostatic scale named SUPER ALCOMAT from the Gibertini company in use for the analysis of available alcohol (Vol.-%). To detect some possible analysis deviances between the Gibertini device and the OIV-norm analysis method by destillation a comparison of both methods will be made. A validation of the Gibertini device will be made as well. Regarding to the reproducibility limits of the Alcohol analysis (set by OIV) the Gibertini device stays within the range. When it comes to the analysis of Volatile Acid, the Gibertini device achieves better results than the reference method. Regarding to the reproducibility limits of the Volatile Acid analysis (set by OIV) the Gibertini device stays as well within the range. The Gibertini device analyzes all over the measuring range as equivalent as the reference method when doing the comparison of the methods for the alcohol analysis and the Volatile Acid analysis. Since the “Limits of Agreement” in the Bland-Altman-plot were only slightly higher than the limits of maximum acceptable differences, the method with Gibertini can be confirmed as suitable to use. In summary, the capability of the Gibertini device can be affirmed.

Read the full report Bestimmung von Alkohol und flüchtiger Säure in Weinen mithilfe des Destillationsgerätes „Super Dee“ der Firma Gibertini
For Further informations follow
The Oenology Institute

Mr. Gabriele Gibertini in Klosterneuburg

36 Kg of Accuracy – Gibertini New High Precision Platform

36 Kg of Accuracy – Gibertini New High Precision Platform

Gibertini launch the very new 36 Kg platform with the best accuracy of the market: 0,1 g all over the scale.

For Industrial Applications and Paints.

Download the technical specifications or email to

download here gibertini_ptf36_eng_stampa

ptf36c eng image




Gibertini will be present at “Drinktec – Messe Munchen – Germany” from 11 to 15 september 2017

Gibertini will be present at Drinktec – Messe Munchen – Germany” from 11 to 15 september 2017,  in cooperation with our partner: C.E.M. Costruzioni Enologiche Milano.  Looking forward to meeting you in Munchen



Gibertini SO2 Meter for the analysis of the sulphur dioxide

Discover our automatic tritator fort the analys if the sulphur dioxide on white, rosè and red wines.

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Gibertini will be present at Fisv2016, Gmee and Mtt, Imekofoods2, Oil non Oil and Parmacibus

Gibertini elettronica will be present at the following exhibitions, in cooperation with our partners:

from 20 to 23 of september

with UNIMED Scientifica  in ROMA  – FISV 2016

from 19 to 21 of september 2016 in BENEVENTO

like main sponsor of

congresso GMEE e MTT

from 2 to 5 october 2016 in BENEVENTO

like main sponsor of IMEKOFOODS2

from 11 to 13 october 2016 in VERONA


from 25 to 28 Ottobre 2016 in PAMRA


Looking forward to meeting you!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We close for Christmas Holidays from 26th of December  till 2nd January.

We open again on Tuesday 3rd of January.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Gibertini will be present at “Automechanika – Frankfurt – Germany” from 13 to 17 september 2016

Gibertini will be present at Automechanika – Frankfurt – from 13 to 17 of September HALL 11.0 – BOOTH F24 in cooperation with our partner: Tecmec srl.  Looking forward to meeting you in Frankfurt


Tensiometro digitale per la misura della tensione superficiale dei liquidi

GIBERTINI is the Official Sponsor of the workshop “Tribologia e Industria”

GIBERTINI is the Official Sponsor of the
5° Workshop AIT “Tribologia e Industria” – University
of Salerno Italy – 21-22 April 2016

download the program


Gibertini – on Thursday 21th – together with dott. Pierluigi De Horatiis – from LMP – will show a research done by his team on the Interfacial Surface Tension using our DCA400.